Localization Service

When expanding to any foreign market, It is vital to consider cultural aspects in translation. Your brochure’s text or style might not be acceptable or appropriate for that culture; the text or image may need changes. This process of adapting a product to a specific market or culture is called localization.

Types of Language Localization

Our Experienced team has the experience to work on localization projects for multinational companies and Small and medium-sized enterprises.

Website translation

According to a CSA Survey, more than 72 percent of customers spend most of their time on websites in their languages. Website localization can give you huge returns.

Software Localization

Our teams of experts can localize your software and apps in the target region and boost your acceptability and sales in the target  market. We will make sure that your software works as it is intended.

Multi-media localization

LingoClinix offers a wide range of services including voiceover, subtitling and multilingual SEO. We can help you to build a better understanding of your product.

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Localization Partner

We can make a difference in your success story in entering any foreign market. This can help your brand to maintain its integrity in the foreign market and to avoid uncertainty.