Interpretation services

Communication is essential for life, be it business, personal relationships, diplomacy, or anything that involves more than one person. Communication shouldn’t have to be bound by languages, especially in the current world and Lingoclinix is here to make that possible. Lingoclinix provides interpretation services in over 70+ languages with professionals that specialize in a vast array of fields to meet all your needs.

Why choose Us?

Lingoclinix has a great team of professional interpreters who can provide you the best and most professional translation services. Our professionals are specifically tested and screened, leaving no room for mistake and allow you to reach to your target audience without any hindrance.

Remote interpretation

Lingoclinix uses a technology enabled approach to connect you with your audience. Distances don’t matter when our interpreters can provide services to you from anywhere, anytime. Their services can be provided in both, audio and video formats.

Simultaneous Interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter sits side by side to a speaker and interprets what the speaker is saying simultaneously. Although considered as the most difficult type of interpretation, our trained and experienced interpreters make sure that the content and intent of communication is delivered in the most accurate way possible. 

 Simultaneous interpretation services are used at occasions like:

  • International conferences
  • Press conference
  • Meetings

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation service is quite different from other types of interpretation. The speaker speaks for a long time. The interpreter takes notes of the speech and interprets while the speaker takes a break.

Consecutive interpretation is needed at occasions like:

  • Business conference
  • Court trial
  • Seminar

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